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Evolène – a destination for lifestyle change

“Integrative medicine, active living, luxury surrounds.”
Health Destinations consultation at Evolene Sante

Ptarmigan Health Destinations is transforming Switzerland’s Evolène Valley. Sitting amidst some of the highest mountains in the Alps and nestled between the resorts of Verbier and Zermatt, the group is creating a new destination for active living and advanced healthcare.

The world-renowned management team has reaped the benefits of working in partnership with the local community. The redevelopment of Evolène Valley – and Ptarmigan Health Destinations’ vision and ethos – is grounded in the principles of social, economic and environmental sustainability.

The destination will comprise Evolène Santé, a medical village directed by specialists in their fields; the Grand Hôtel & Kurhaus, an 1896 heritage hotel scheduled for renovation to create an exclusive retreat; and the transformation of a 200 year old shepherds’ hamlet, perched atop an 800 foot cliff. Surrounded by the mountainous, wooded and glacial wilderness of the Swiss Alps, the luxury health retreat will be complemented by high-altitude sports and adventure pursuits.

Combining the beauty of this high altitude region with globally-renowned medical expertise and luxury lodgings, the redevelopment will provide experiences that integrate with and augment the lives of our clients. Similarly, the architecture, infrastructure, development and operations at Evolène Valley will integrate with and enhance the natural environment.

In the developed world, populations are ageing – science is extending our biological lifespans, however our ‘healthy life’ expectancy has not increased proportionally. In later years, many individuals are living with one or more chronic conditions, whether that be cancer, heart and cardiovascular disease, or obesity-related. Equally, even for for those with good physical health (in whatever age group) the pressures of a hectic lifestyle can have a detrimental impact on mental health.

At the Evolène Valley site, clients will be able to address the the needs of both mind and body in pristine wilderness surroundings.

Largely undeveloped over the last 50 years, its archetypal architecture and strong alpine traditions are to be complemented by advanced medical rehabilitation, sports and leisure facilities. The awesome and challenging natural surrounds can be explored through our unrivalled range of outdoor pursuits programmes.

Leisure activities at Evolene Sante include miles of tracks

A business for harmony


Ptarmigan Health Destinations comprises two complementary business operations. Evolène Santé is focused on the development of a private medico-hotel, a medical centre and luxury accommodation in the Evolène Valley. The Grand Hôtel & Kurhaus is an existing heritage hotel in the valley, originally constructed in 1896 and now scheduled for a refurbishment to the highest standards. Alongside this will run the development at Mayens de Veisivi – an historic hamlet where Ptarmigan Health Destinations has acquired 9,000m2 of land – and creation of a unique luxury 12-bed eyrie, currently in planning stages.

In total, Ptarmigan Health Destinations has acquired 72,000m2 of land in the Evolène Valley. Its holdings include over 30,000m2 of constructible land, over 40,000m2 of protected and forest land. With privileged access to a co-owned 24km2 ski and glacial domain, Evolène Santé is already in phase one of development, with high-end medico-hotel currently under construction. The renovation of the historic 1890s Grand Hôtel & Kurhaus will soon see it transformed it into a full-service luxury boutique offering.

You can find out more about our operations, existing and planned, by clicking the pictures below.

Doctors consultation at Evolene Sante medical centre
Grand Hotel Kurhaus in the Evolene Valley

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“Evolène is an accessible & authentic Alpine valley where ‘time has been forgotten’, recently rediscovered by a small band of sportsmen and trendsetters as a high-end exclusive health and sports destination.”

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