• Quality over quantity

Quality over quantity: a medical-based approach to better living

‘Quality over quantity’ is a phrase often used but seldom adhered to. Many of us spend much of our working lives striving to go further and produce more. While this can be great for our finances and productivity levels, it can easily lead to burnout – much to the detriment of our physical and mental health. Similarly, over the past few decades, life itself has

Green is the new black: sustainable tourism and the circular economy

Accountability, transparency and sustainability are no longer nice-to-haves. With investors, consumers, and regulators more demanding of open and honest environmental practices, they’re increasingly ‘must-dos’ in the operation of any business. And everyone needs to be going green. Businesses are falling over themselves to show off CSR creds, keen to attract the ‘woke’ consumer and the intelligent investor. These parties want to know where the products